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What options do you have?
R&A Marketing offers its clients domain management and the best hosting options , from the most basic to host a standard page,
to those that require high-performance to be able to support mission critical applications.
Base Hosting.
This is the base or initial server and is dedicated for those companies that decide to have a web page without specific applications.
Virtual Servers VPS and Cloud.
Accommodation with a medium degree of flexibility. We have virtual servers (VPS) to host pages and / or emails, as well as services like Cloud with complete scalability.
Dedicated servers.
For resource-hungry customers whose website performance is mission-critical. We have dedicated servers with high performance and benefits.
Mail services.
There are solutions available, from an email account to the ones you want:
  • Registration and cancellation of email accounts.
  • Mail servers.
Security and antispam.
Possibility of contracting antispam filters that prevent the arrival of hundreds of emails that block our equipment every day. Depending on the email plan, this service may be included or must be contracted separately.

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