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Your Social Networks will help you in your sales
In essence, it does not matter how many friends we have on our Facebook or Linkedin, the important thing is:
The influence we cause on them.
How preponderant our contacts are in their respective networks.
That they like our content on the social network.
R&A Marketing is committed to its customers.

We help you to achieve your successes of social impact and achievement of objectives, while we accompany and advise you throughout the process.


How to generate success in the networks?

For example, if we put a Cooking post on Facebook and a famous chef associated with Our network puts what you like and forwards it to your network which, in turn, has more than 3,000 followers, it is more important than 20 likes from our mutual friends (those who always like everything we post).

Are these 20 likes not important? They are, of course they are, but the influence meters in the network evaluate other preponderance algorithms that we must take into account. Therefore, we must evaluate the importance of our contacts in the network and the content that they see.

Social Networks are a tool that adds value to our business , it is necessary to know how to exploit them and integrate them into our Web strategy to have a compensated and effective system.

For this, R&A provides a series of tips that will help generate more success in their networks.
Creating quality content.
The network doesn't matter, the web doesn't matter if you don't have content that really interests you. The quality of your content will bring traffic, contacts/sales. To say that we are wonderful is not relevant; you have to prove it.
The contribution of your network to your web system is the end. Not the network itself.
Networks are not the end, they are the means to achieve a certain end that is the lead, and consequently the sale. There are many clients who have a dispersed system thinking that just the fact of being known is enough, but it's not like that. Networks must deliver traffic to a specific objective.

This process is slow and the company must analyze all the variables that the networks make available to it.
Balancing your social media set is important.
We are all subscribed to various networks and in the case of our companies even more. However, it is necessary to adapt the contents of each network to obtain a final result: contribution of traffic to our page or a destination within the network that allows us to sell.
Find the balance of your networks and always set a goal. For R&A Marketing it is always sales.
Analyze your network traffic and see how they influence your website.
How do you know if you are successful if you ignore how many people see your content? Today there are multiple third-party tools that allow you to monitor your network, its influence , and everything you do in it. Observe them, analyze and see what content you think generates the most impact.

R&A helps companies to analyze this content and to direct them towards achieving a greater impact on the Internet.
Tracking your network traffic is a discipline, not a one-off action.
Remember this is hard work. You have to see each content we generate and how it has influenced. This will help us to know what the market expects of us and what, therefore, we can contribute that our competition does not do. Trust in our clients is strengthened with discipline and work time and the network and our traffic is our greatest asset on the internet we have to take care of it, observe it and follow it day by day.

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