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What can we do for you?
A phone call that pursues a well-defined objective can be considered, at first, a somewhat "cold" method; However, it has been shown that the effect it produces on the interlocutor is very different, since he feels attended by the issuing company and forms a good image of it.
Creation or debugging of a database.
Arrangement of interviews for the commercial department.
Invitation to all kinds of events, seminars, breakfasts.
Tracking of mailings and E-mailings.
Customer satisfaction surveys.
Field work for market studies.
R&A Marketing will develop your telemarketing campaign successfully.
Conversation is our job , talking to people, communicating the message, listening, solving ... Personalized attention to obtain the best results.

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Benefits for your company
There are various call issuance campaigns , from attendees to seminars who need a product or service like yours to the creation or debugging of a database that allows you to sell your products and services with shares targeted marketing.

Visits arrangement campaigns obtain a sales closing that allows obtaining an immediate ROI (Return on Investment or Return on Investment) of the campaign.

With our telemarketing service your company will get:

Qualified leads.
Customer loyalty.
Elimination of cold door work.
Expand your sales territory in less time and at low cost.
Advice on your marketing plans.

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