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Corporate Web Design and Development
At R&A Marketing we have more than 25 years designing corporate web pages for companies.

We know that in addition to design, selling is important. Therefore, our pages, in addition to being attractive,
mainly seek to communicate the philosophy of the company and achieve the objectives desired by the client.
Personalized design
Adapted to the corporate identity of the company, in order to correctly communicate its philosophy and values.
Dynamic and self-managing websites
They offer the possibility of updating the contents through a manager and thus being able to control the content of your page independently.
Responsive design
Websites that allow the adaptation of the design to all available devices such as mobiles, smartphones and tablets.
A website in several languages is possible, so the user will be the one who decides which one he wants to view the content with without having to leave the website.
Optimization of texts and images
We optimize the content of your website to achieve the best positioning in the main search engines, while improving its loading speed.
Applications that add functionalities to the website, focused on the end user such as blogs, social networks, advertising managers, etc.
This service guarantees the correct functioning of the web, keeping aspects such as security or updating of its technologies and modification of the contents that are needed up to date.
Hosting and domain
Domain management and the best hosting options, from the most basic to host a standard page, to those that require high performance.
We work with:
CMS (Joomla, WordPress), PHP 7, CSS, XML, MYSQL, Flash.
Hacemos webs seguras que garantizan su tranquilidad y generan confianza a sus clientes potenciales.
Small or large, having your business on the internet increases your possibilities.
Corporate web pages are a fundamental part of your marketing strategy: they must be consistent with your corporate image while communicating the activity and values of your company.

Having your business on the internet is key to strengthen your relationship with your current and potential customers, which favors your commercial profitability and therefore, your profits.

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